new TMXObject()

a TMX Object defintion, as defined in Tiled.
note : object definition are translated into the virtual using me.Entity.




static gid :Number

object gid value when defined the object is a tiled object

static height :Number

object height

static id :Number

object unique identifier per level (Tiled 0.11.x+)

static isEllipse :Boolean

if true, the object is an Ellipse

static isPolygon :Boolean

if true, the object is a Polygon

static isPolyLine :Boolean

if true, the object is a PolyLine

static name :String

object name

static orientation :String

object orientation (orthogonal or isometric)

static points :Array.<Object>

point list in JSON format

static rotation :Number

The rotation of the object in radians clockwise (defaults to 0)

static shapes :Array

the collision shapes defined for this object

static type :String

object type

static type :Object

object text


static width :Number

object width

static x :Number

object x position

static y :Number

object y position

static z :Number

object z order